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The Extra Ordinary Tales Book 1 - Y/A

A family vacation to an indoor waterpark goes awry when the Johnson boys decide to sneak out of the hotel room and uncover a sinister plot! Something's wrong with the staff, are they zombies? Robots? Zombie Robots? Griffin, Emmett & Elliott lead the way to save humanity! All in a weekends work.

The Occulted Anatomy -Adult Spiritualism/History

Many authors throughout time have written books on symbolism, the human body, and spiritualism. This book takes you from the discovery of an occult map and beyond  in an adventure of research, and ultimately an easy to follow conceptual guide to the human body. Chakras, the planets, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Astrology, Astronomy, Deistic Archetypes and more come together in this singular work of research and examination. 

A Handy Guide to the Gods - Youth

The gods of the world come together in this book and are compared side by side for the youth reader. Compare and contrast the characters and their mythos! Are they all the same? Are some the same with new names? Become a veritable expert on the Eastern and Western mythologies. Designed for the academic household who wishes to teach their children about the religions but not practice religion.

The Essays - Adult Fraternal/Social Science

In this book Robert H. Johnson expounds on many topics regarding Freemasonry and the organizations teachings. A wonderful compilation of the various popular essays he's written over the years. Fans of his podcast and other books will enjoy this book.

It's Business Time II - Adult/Business/Fraternity 2019

Following up on their smash hit, Robert H. Johnson and Jon T. Ruark do it again. You asked for it and they did it. Robert and Jon expound even further on both holistic and practical concepts from the world of business which can both be used to assist the Fraternity of Freemasons and to aid the reader in a personal journey of success.

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